Rworks in Brief

Rworks is a well established Tokyo based company that has built its business on successfully delivering full managed service for mission critical application, system designing / monitoring / troubleshooting / consulting, managed operational service, and software products (Original PC-X server software and network analyzer). Rworks is particularly engaged in the netsourcing business (help to manage network infrastructure, primarily by monitoring devices and network traffic), which includes designing, integrating, managing, and even hosting systems on behalf of customers. Engineers in Rworks evolve network technologies and establish effective communication with customers, and they precisely combine available resources and provide managed services essential to customers, from facilities and network infrastructure, up to applications.

Rworks in Brief


1985 Established ASTEC, Inc. in Shibuya, started sales of GKS Graphics library
1986 to 1990 Announced GMW Window system, developed the embedded OS Cinnamon, developed X Windows System terminal and started sales of it as an OEM, jointly developed OpenWare / Motif with ASCII, started sales of Unix development tools (CodeCenter, ObjectCenter)
1993 Started sales of Unix development tools (UIM/X)
1994 Participated in the establishment of Tokyo Internet
1995 to 1996 Started sales of PC X Server ASTEC-X, started sales of ILOG
1997 Started the network construction, operation, full managed service, system designing, monitoring, and troubleshooting
2000 to 2001 Started sales of the network analyzer ASTEC Eyes on the net, entered the ASP business, started an Internet data center service
2003 Added a VoIP feature to ASTEC Eyes on the net
2007 Expanded the data center
2011 Commenced SoNar and Reccs
2012 ITEC HANKYU HANSHIN CO.,LTD. acquired a majority stake in Rworks, Inc.


Company Name Rworks, Inc.
Location 3F,Tokyo Tatemono Muromachi Building,4-3-18 Nihombashi Muromachi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0002,Japan
Established March 1985
President & CEO Junichi Satoh
Paid in Capital 425,400,000
Contact +81 3 5946 8400